To become a reseller of our services, create a normal account and contact us on [email protected]
After our confirmation you will have to recharge your account for at least 50 EUR to start being reseller.

Reseller accounts basically works the same as normal accounts, you can manage subscriptions - create new or extend existing, also you will get link for each subscription where your user will be able to choose device or manage playlist (you will be able to assign your own domain).

Reseller account gives you priviledges and imposes restrictions:
- all subscriptions costs less
- only payment methods that are not reversable are available
- you are able to cancel subscriptions if 48 hours has not passed after creation or extension

Your gain depends on how much you recharge your account:
- at least 50 EUR once to have 50% cheaper subscriptions if you are our reseller less than 3 months
- at least 200 EUR monthly to have 50% cheaper subscriptions
- at least 100 EUR monthly to have 40% cheaper subscriptions
- at least 50 EUR monthly to have 30% cheaper subscriptions
- at least 25 EUR monthly to have 20% cheaper subscriptions
- if you recharge less than that you may lose your reseller status 2019 - 2023

payment methods

Credit Card